3.1.2 Preservation strategic plan

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3.1.2 Preservation strategic plan
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall have a Preservation Strategic Plan that defines the approach the repository will take in the long-term support of its mission.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to help the repository make administrative decisions, shape policies, and allocate resources in order to successfully preserve its holdings.

Examples for Meeting the Requirements

Preservation Strategic Plan; meeting minutes; documentation of administrative decisions which have been made.


The strategic plan should be based on the organization’s established mission, and on its defined values, vision and goals. Strategic plans typically cover a particular finite time period, normally in the 3-5 year range.

Evidence Provided

In March 2015, the Governing Board listed these targets, which can also be found in the original Project Definition:

  1. Establish a cloud based aggregate repository for bit level preservation. Accept content from multiple universities regardless of format and remain agnostic toward filetypes. Establish a low level content submission process that links objects in APTrust to their original objects at the source institution.
  2. Allow for item updates and deletions by the original depositor in APTrust while leaving an adequate metadata tombstone. Provide strong chain of custody tools for moving objects between local repository and APTrust. Establish a foundation for building future services based direction from Governance group(s). Implement functionality and services to participate as a First Node in DPN.

These goals have been accomplished.

Preservation Services Policy, approved by the Board in April 2018: https://doi.org/10.18130/V3N58CK61

Also see the page on Preservation & Storagefor specific details.

Succession Policy, approved by the Board in 2018: https://doi.org/10.18130/V31C1TF5Z