3.1.3 Collection policy

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3.1.3 Collection policy
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall have a Collection Policy or other document that specifies the type of information it will preserve, retain, manage, and provide access to.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order that the repository has guidance on acquisition of digital content it will preserve, retain, manage and provide access to.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Collection policy and supporting documents; Preservation Policy, mission, goals and vision of the repository.


The collection policy can be used to understand what the repository holds, what it does not hold, and why. The collection policy supports the broader mission of the repository. Without such a policy the repository is likely to collect in a haphazard manner, or store large amounts of low-value digital content. The collection policy helps the organization to identify what digital content it will and will not accept for ingestion. In an organization with a broader mission than preservation of digital content the collection policy helps to define the role of the repository within the larger organizational context.

Evidence Provided

  1. APTrust Collection Development Policy (Approved April 2018).
  2. APTrust does not limit the kind of content that its members upload to the repository.
    1. The public APTrust website states that: “APTrust accepts all types of content from its member institutions including but not limited to: print, audio, video, and encrypted files.”
    2. There is an understanding, per roadmap that highly sensitive info will not be submitted without signed agreement. We have informally been told not to send anything with Personal Identifying Information at this time.
  3. APTrust Mission and Goals
  4. Preservation Services Policy: https://doi.org/10.18130/V3N58CK61
    1. In January 2017, a draft Preservation Services Policy was created.
    2. Approved by the APTrust Board in April 2018