Identified and established duties

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The repository shall have identified and established the duties that it needs to perform.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to ensure that the repository can complete all tasks associated with the long-term preservation and management of the data objects.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

A staffing plan; competency definitions; job descriptions; staff professional development plans; certificates of training and accreditation; plus evidence that the repository reviews and maintains these documents as requirements evolve.


Preservation depends upon a range of activities from maintaining hardware and software to migrating content and storage media to negotiating intellectual property rights agreements. In order to ensure long-term sustainability, a repository must be aware of all required activities and demonstrate that it can successfully complete them. The repository can achieve these aims by, for example, identifying the competencies and skill sets required to carry out its activities over time—e.g., archival training, technical skills, and legal expertise.

Evidence Provided

The technical team for APTrust is as follows:

The work of this team is guided by both the .5 FTE Program Director and the .5FTE Content Lead. Program Director's duties are outlined in Article VIII of the Governing Board Manual Individual job descriptions are on file and can be requested for review.

In addition, APTrust staff holds regular meetings of the technologists of all APTrust partners as well as Advisory and Board meetings as needed to complete all tasks associated with long-term preservation and management of the data object. There are several subgroups (Trusted Digital Repository, Communications and Policy, Bagging) that interact with various experts across the APTrust partners. For example, the TDR group is preparing the documentation for a self-audit and working with the Advisory Committee, Board, and the APTrust staff to ensure that policies and practices are in place for long-term preservation. These experts include archivists, legal experts, technologists, curators, and preservation specialists - to name a few. UVA General Counsel reviews all legal documents relevant to APTrust.

Some activities are managed by local members, with support for APTrust staff. APTrust staff provide training and ask for feedback with tool development as well as create documentation available on the wiki to assist members. They also are available to help one-on-one with members' specific problems.

For a brief list of job duties of APTrust staff, see Section 3.2.1