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Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall have the appropriate number of staff to support all functions and services.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to ensure repository staffing levels are adequate for preserving the digital content and providing a secure, quality repository.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Organizational charts; definitions of roles and responsibilities; comparison of staffing levels to industry benchmarks and standards.


The repository should determine the appropriate number and level of staff that corresponds to requirements and commitments. The repository should also demonstrate how it evaluates staff effectiveness and suitability to support its functions and services.

Evidence Provided

APTrust Org chart
APTrust Org Chart

Information about roles and responsibilities and job descriptions can be found in 3.2.1 and

The program director's responsibilities, outlined in Article VIII of the Governing Board Manual includes evaluating staff effectiveness and suitability to support its functions and services. If the Board decides that more staff is needed, it would be up to the Program Director and the APTrust Board to determine how to fund.

University Library staff undergo a performance management review throughout each year, with goals and two mandatory meetings throughout the year to review job performance. Professional development needs should be discussed throughout the year as well as during the two job performance meetings. More about UVA's performance management system can be found here.

It is difficult to find data to compare staffing levels to industry benchmarks and standards because we maintain a higher level of transparency than other similar organizations. We also have more FTE staff dedicated to maintaining the preservation system than other similar organizations, so there are currently few sources for comparison.