3.2.1 Identified duties and appointed staff

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3.2.1 Identified duties and appointed staff
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Mostly compliant

The repository shall have identified and established the duties that it needs to perform and shall have appointed staff with adequate skills and experience to fulfill these duties.

Supporting Text

See Sections,, and

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

See Sections,, and


Staffing of the repository should be by personnel with the required training and skills to carry out the activities of the repository. The repository should be able to document through development plans, organizational charts, job descriptions, and related policies and procedures that the repository is defining and maintaining the skills and roles that are required for the sustained operation of the repository.

Evidence Provided

Most of the evidence for this section can be found in,, and

Position duties and responsibilities:

  • Program Director
    • Work with the APTrust Board
    • Provide overall direction for APTrust staff.
    • Manage and disseminate budget figures
  • Partnerships and Content Lead
    • Plan partner meetings
    • Establish new business models and partner alignment
    • Assist in managing overal APTrust operations
    • Work with partners to establish workflows and best practices metrics
    • Lead APTrust Working Groups and community groups.
  • Lead Developer [Systems Engineer IV]
    • Oversees the technical work of all APTrust technical staf
    • Develops tools for members
    • Designs and writes applications and services
    • Maintains and documents application and services
    • Interact with members to understand feature requirements user needs and diagnose problems
    • Runs quarterly technical meetings
    • Communicate priorities of technical staff to external audiences
  • Rails and Hydra Engineer [ Systems Engineer II]
    • Maintain web application codebase
    • Develop reporting services
    • Keep requisite libraries up to date / run patches etc
    • Evaluate and improve database efficiency
  • Systems Administrator/Developer [Computer Engineer III]
    • Manage software performance
    • System provisioning and deployments
    • System maintenance
    • Automated testing and builds
    • AWS backings management
    • Integrations for monitoring (e.g. Slack)
    • Documentation and TDR technical compliance

2015 APTrust Cooperative Agreement:

The APTrust Cooperative Agreement commits to offering technical support and guidance in the section U.Va. Contributions, "In addition, U.Va. personnel will assist with the project as needed."

Additionally, the section Sustaining Member Contributions also describes the roles for Partners and that "Individual sustaining members are expected to contribute time and expertise toward development and review of governance and use policies and to technology and content-related issues."

APTrust Org Chart:

APTrust Org chart
APTrust Org Chart