3.3.4 Commit to transparency

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3.3.4 Commit to transparency
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall commit to transparency and accountability in all actions supporting the operation and management of the repository that affect the preservation of digital content over time.

Supporting Text

This is necessary because transparency, in the sense of being available to anyone who wishes to know, is the best assurance that the repository operates in accordance with accepted standards and practices.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Reports of financial and technical audits and certifications; disclosure of governance documents, independent program reviews, and contracts and agreements with providers of funding and critical services.


If the repository uses software to capture information about its history, it should be able to demonstrate these tracking tools. Where appropriate, the history is linked to relevant preservation strategies and describes potential effects on preserving digital content. This requirement does not mean that the organization must make information which would make it vulnerable to competitors available, but rather that the organization commits to disclosing its methods for preserving digital content at least to the Designated Community or other appropriate stakeholder in order to demonstrate that it is meeting all current preservation requirements.

Evidence Provided

APTrust is committed to transparency by creating, maintaining, and providing public access to our Wiki and all of our documentation. Goals for 2018 adopted by the Board in December 2017 publicly posted on the APTrust website includes goals related to business plans under "Section III: Document APTrust Value": http://aptrust.org/post/2017-12-11-governing-board-sets-2018-direction-for-aptrust. One of the goals explicitly aims to "Accumulate evidence that we are working together to provide a vibrant community of practice, geographic diversity, financial transparency, continuing exploration of more cost effective services, and trusted services that evolve with time."

Governance documents, meeting minutes, and financial reports are shared to the public via the wiki. All of the following are available via the Wiki's Main Page.

Transparency in Using APTrust:

Governance and Financial Documents:

Relevant Partner Documentation

Communication and discussion of topics is managed via a listserv in which all members can participate. Other news is shared via the APTrust website in the News section (http://aptrust.org/news) and press releases.