4.1.1 Content information and information properties

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4.1.1 Content information and information properties
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

4.1.1 -The repository shall identify the Content Information and the Information Properties that the repository will preserve.

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to make it clear to funders, depositors, and users what responsibilities the repository is taking on and what aspects are excluded. It is also a necessary step in defining the information which is needed from the information producers or depositors.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Mission statement; submission agreements/deposit agreements/deeds of gift; workflow and Preservation Policy documents, including written definition of properties as agreed in the deposit agreement/deed of gift; written processing procedures; documentation of properties to be preserved.


This process begins in general with the repository’s mission statement and may be further specified in pre-accessioning agreements with producers or depositors (e.g., producer-archive agreements) and made very specific in deposit or transfer agreements for specific digital objects and their related documentation. For example, one repository may only commit to preserving the textual content of a document and not its exact appearance on a screen. Another may wish to preserve the exact appearance and layout of textual documents, while others may choose to keep the units of the measurement of data fields and to normalize the data during the ingest process. If unique identifiers are associated with digital objects before ingest, they may also be properties that need to be preserved.

Evidence Provided

APTrust Mission Statement: "The Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is an innovative consortium committed to the creation and management of a sustainable environment for the digital stewardship of academic and research content."

See also the APTrust Mission and Goals document and the APTrust Sustaining Member Deposit Agreement for additional policy related to responsibilities and content.

Content Information and Information Properties that APTrust commits to preserve are described in Definition of SIP and Definition of AIP.

The Preservation Services Policy, approved by the Board in April 2018 (https://doi.org/10.18130/V3N58CK61) outlines the Content accepted: "Content is preserved in its original format (guided by the these goals). Materials deposited will be rebagged but no other changes to the individual files will be undertaken by APTrust staff/services. Content will be managed solely by the depositor. APTrust Community is currently requested not to submit any content that is known to have PII or other types of privacy or contractual restrictions [This policy is currently not enforced and will be superseded by Access Policy when it is complete]."