Bring Content Information of AIP up to level of understandability if it fails testing

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The repository shall bring the Content Information of the AIP up to the required level of understandability if it fails the understandability testing. Bring Content Information of AIP up to level of understandability if it fails testing
Status In Progress
Compliance Rating Not compliant

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to ensure that one of the primary tests of preservation, namely that the digital holdings are understandable by their Designated Community, can be met. (See 4.3 for additional requirements for understandability beyond ingest.)

Examples of Meeting the Requirement

Test procedures to be run against the digital holdings to ensure their understandability to the defined Designated Community; records of such tests being performed and evaluated; evidence of gathering or identifying Representation Information to fill any intelligibility gaps which have been found; retention of individuals with the discipline expertise.


This requirement is concerned with the understandability of the AIP. If the ingested material is not understandable, the repository needs to ingest or make available additional information to make sure that the AIPs are understandable to the Designated Community(ies). For example, if documents are written in a dying language and the Designated Community is no longer able to understand the language the documents are written in, the repository would need to provide additional documentation that would allow the Designated Community to understand the documents (e.g., translations of the documents in a language the Designated Community could understand or dictionaries that would allow the Designated Communities to translate the documents into a language its members understand).

Examples Provided

Andrew needs to do this. Depends on 4.2.7, getting the automated, recurring tests set up.