4.5.2 Capture or create minimum descriptive information for each AIP

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4.5.2 Capture or create minimum descriptive information for each AIP
Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Mostly compliant

Supporting Text

This is required in order to ensure that descriptive information is associated with the AIP.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Descriptive metadata; internal or external persistent, unique identifier or locator that is associated with the AIP (see also 4.2.4 about persistent, unique identifier); system documentation and technical architecture; depositor agreements; metadata policy documentation, incorporating details of metadata requirements and a statement describing where responsibility for its procurement falls; process workflow documentation.


The repository should show that it associates with each AIP, minimum descriptive information that was either received from the producer or created by the repository. Associating the descriptive information with the object is important, although it does not require one-to-one correspondence, and may not necessarily be stored with the AIP. Hierarchical schemes of description can allow some descriptive elements to be associated with many items.

Compliance Rating

Half Compliant


In progress

Evidence Provided

Bagging specifications (https://wiki.aptrust.org/Bagging_specifications)and AIP definitions require a unique identifier for each bag that is generated by the institution and include information about metadata requirements. However, APTrust does not require that the identifiers be persistent although this was part of original documentation. Persistent identifiers presented a huge impediment to ingest and as users were not able to proceed, the requirement was dropped. As we are providing staff rather than end-user access to content, this is fine but we will revisit this issue if we choose to alter our services to include end-user access.

Relevant Documents

https://wiki.aptrust.org/Definition_of_AIP https://wiki.aptrust.org/Using_APTrust#Technical_Workflows https://wiki.aptrust.org/Member_API#Object_Resource