Software technologies appropriate to the services it provides to its designated communities

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Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall have software technologies appropriate to the services it provides to its designated communities.

Supporting Text

This is necessary to provide expected, contracted, secure, and persistent levels of service including: ease of ingest and dissemination through appropriate depositor and user interfaces and technologies such as upload mechanisms; on-going digital object management; preservation approaches and solutions, such as migration; and system security.

Examples for Meeting the Requirement

Maintenance of up-to-date Designated Community technology, expectations, and use profiles; provision of software systems adequate to support ingest and use demands; systematic elicitation of feedback regarding software and service adequacy; maintenance of a current software inventory.


The objective is to track when changes in service requirements by the designated communities require a corresponding change in the software components, when changes in ingestion policies require support for new data formats and when changes in software technology require new format migration capabilities. This can be driven by changes in access requirements (new clients that require new data formats become preferred), by changes in delivery mechanisms (new data transfer mechanisms), and changes in the number and size of archived records that require more scalable software.

Evidence Provided

Figure 1. APTrust Software Stack

APTrust performs its Mandatory Responsibilities to its Designated Community using a range of software. APTrust software stack (see Figure 1) consists technologies that are open-source and actively community supported. Software that is developed by APTrust is released under Apache License (ASL)[1]. APTrust staff actively develops the web front-end software “PharosPharos is APTrusts web interface to manage deposits and inspect deposit outcomesETag The entity tag is a hash of the object. The ETag reflects changes only to the contents of an object, not its metadata.” as well as supporting preservation service infrastructure (Ingest, Restore, Fixity)  “Exchange[2]”. All other software technologies are well used and maintained by their communities. The risks involved are described in the Software Obsolescence section of Risk Management, Threats, and Mitigations.

See more information in the Technical Documentation.