Effective mechanisms to detect bit corruption or loss

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Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant
Requirements: The repository shall have effective mechanisms to detect bit corruption or loss.

The APTrust system retrieves files for fixity checks on a 90-day basis to ensure data is accurate and complete. At the time of deposit/ingest of new bags our system generates a MD5 and SHA256 hash of each individual file in the bag, compares it with the bag manifest, and stores it in the metadata if it matches the manifest. This ensures that the bag was received correctly and the files are in the exact same state as they were prior to submission and transfer. If a calculated hash doesn't match the one in the supplied bag manifest, the bag is not ingested and marked as failed. Depositors will need to submit a corrected bag.

Alerts are displayed on through the PharosPharos is APTrusts web interface to manage deposits and inspect deposit outcomesETag The entity tag is a hash of the object. The ETag reflects changes only to the contents of an object, not its metadata. web interface to institutional administrators.

The repository notifies depositors about failed fixity checks and successful restorations by email.