Defined processes for storage media and/or hardware change (e.g., refreshing, migration)

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Status Ready for review
Compliance Rating Fully compliant

The repository shall have defined processes for storage media and/or hardware change (e.g., refreshing, migration).

Supporting Text

This is necessary in order to ensure that data is not lost when either the media fail or the supporting hardware can no longer be used to access the data.

Examples for Meeting The Requirement

Documentation of migration processes; policies related to hardware support, maintenance, and replacement; documentation of hardware manufacturer's expected support life cycles; policies related to migration of records to alternate hardware systems.


The repository should have estimates of the access speed and the quantity of infonnation for each type of storage media. Then with estimates of the reliable lifetime of the storage media and information of system loading, etc., the repository can estimate the time required for storage media migration, or refreshing or copying between media without refonnatting the bit stream. The repository can then set triggers for initiating the action at an appropriate time so the actions will be completed before data is lost. Copying large quantities of data can take a long time and can affect other system perfonnance metrics. Repositories should also consider the obsolescence of any and all hardware components within the repository system as potential trigger events for migration. Increasingly, long-tenn, appropriate support for system hardware components is difficult to obtain, exposing repositories to risks and liabilities should they choose to continue to operate the hardware beyond the manufacturer or third-party support warranties. Repositories will likely need to perform media migration off of some types of media onto better supported media based on the estimated lifetime of hardware support rather than on the longer life expected from the media. It is important that the process include a check that the copying has happened correctly.

Evidence Provided

Figure 1. AWS Shared Responsibility Matrix
Underlying storage media and hardware changes are managed completely by the infrastructure provider Amazon. See Figure 1 for a description of AWS infrastructure. Also see the page on Risk Management, Threats, and Mitigations for information on the identifying, preventing, and mitigating risks, including the section on Media & Hardware Obsolescence.

APTrust monitors usage and resource utilization and acts accordingly if virtualized hardware upgrades are necessary.