Bagging Meeting Notes 2016-09-27

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Meeting Notes, 2016-09-27

Present: Nathan Tallman, Mike Marttila, Jamie Little, Lauren Work, Salwa Ismail, Joe Carrano

  • Housekeeping/organization
    • Setting the goal to have the bagging practices survey completed by the 2017 spring membership meeting.
    • We will begin meeting biweekly in October, adjusting frequency after the survey is deployed.
      • Nathan will send Doodle Poll to set date and time.
    • Nathan will establish an emailing list and slack channel for communication
  • Development work
    • Fedora community actively sprinting on adding a feature to export APTrust and MetaArchive bags from Fedora.
    • Artefactual is interested into hooking into a DPN node, open to pull request or sponsored development of adding bag profile selection feature (including APTrust) to Archivematica.
      • There is a bag profile project on GitHub. It uses JSON to store a bag profile. The project is stale, but it could be forked and updated. This could provide the bag creation profiles for Archivematica or any project.
    • Andrew Diamond has created a bag profile feature under the hood at APTrust.
    • Nathan will try to facilitate a conversation around these three efforts.
  • Future goals
    • Use survey results to create generalized bagging use cases or workflows.
    • Aggregate links to all relevant tools.