Bagging Meeting Notes 2016-11-29

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Meeting Notes, 2016-11-29

Present: Nathan Tallman, Mike Marttila, Terry Brady, Joe Carrano

·         Communication & Membership

o   All members of the group, please make sure that your information is present and up-to-date on the official roster.

o   Primary communication for the group will be sent through the bagging email list: [[1]]. To add yourself to this list, please complete the group form.

o   Additional informal discussions/Q&A will take place on the bagging channel on the APTrust Slack instance.

·         Bag Splitting & Size Limit

o   There will likely be a need among member organizations to upload very large bags (e.g. bagging/uploading entire platforms before item-by-item processing, very large A/V objects, etc.)

o   A future APTrust update in 2017 will probably increase the bag size limit to 4TB (up from the current limit of 250GB, which was initially imposed due to AWS limitations).

o   In the meantime, bag splitting is a possible solution. Members on the call had no experience here yet, so any folks who have implemented bag splitting are encouraged to share lessons learned (e.g. efficacy of tools used to split, do split bags conform to APTrust naming standard, etc.)

·         Bagging Tools

o   Currently grouped under the APTrust GitHub page. Is there a better way to share these? Perhaps a more organized page off of the groupspace with links directly to the projects? Will revisit after survey.

o   While a few of these tools are being actively developed, most are not.

·         Bagging Practices Survey

o   Current goal is to complete the survey before the spring membership meeting in 2017.

o   Purpose of the survey is to gather information on member environments, bagging approaches, and preservation goals.

o   Group members should review the survey draft and provide feedback (are we asking the right questions? could anything be clarified? etc.) either at the next meeting or to the bagging group email. Nathan will send an email to the group with a reminder and a link to the survey draft.

·         Next Meeting

o   The next meeting is currently set to take place on December 13th, 2016 at 2:00PM EST. Connection details will be distributed in a future group email.