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What is APTrust?

In part, the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) is a consortium of higher education institutions committed to providing both a preservation repository for digital content and collaboratively developed services related to that content. The APTrust repository accepts digital materials in all formats from member institutions, and provides redundant storage in the cloud. It is managed and operated by the University of Virginia and is both a deposit location and a replicating node for the Digital Preservation Network (DPN). The APTrust consortium leverages the expertise of its members to identify and articulate needs for the digital content environment, to prioritize service development, and to collaboratively build solutions. This approach generates economies of scale and increases value for all members.

APTrust Consortium Members

APTrust Documents

These documents describe the organization, policies, practices and plans of the APTrust:

Governing Board


The Governing Board is the primary governing body for APTrust; however, member institutions contribute actively to governance through input gathered by the Board. The Board defines and recommends strategic direction to help meet operational and strategic goals and provides advice and oversight for the budget and finances. The Board meets quarterly in person or by phone as needed and holds an annual meeting of the Board with all institutional members.

APTrust is legally constituted as part of the University of Virginia. Activities and operating guidelines of APTrust are subject to the rules and policies of the University of Virginia, as are any contracts between individual member institutions and the University of Virginia.

Advisory Committee

The APTrust Advisory Committee comprises two representatives each from the APTrust Sustaining Member institutions. They are appointed annually by their respective deans, and two members of the committee are selected to serve as liaisons to the APTrust Governing Board, where they are voting members.

The concept of this group was refined in discussions at the October 2015 meeting of the APTrust members. There, a consensus emerged that the Advisory Committee would assume responsibility for strategic discussions and planning, including topics such as services and collaborations with other entities. Products might include a documentation of strategic principles and business/service principles (as found in this draft). This group will also assume responsibility for commissioning and decommissioning work groups, as well as for providing advice to the Governing Board and the APTrust staff, as indicated in the APTrust Governance Manual.

Communication Channel

Mailing list:


APTrust Advisory Committee, 2018/2019
Representative 1 Representative 2 Member Institution
Rob Cartolano Stephen Davis Columbia University
Suzanne Chase Shu-chen Tsung Georgetown University
Michael Shallcross Indiana University
Tim DiLauro Jordon Steele Johns Hopkins University
Jason Ronallo Jamie Bradway North Carolina State University
Nathan Tallman Karen Estlund Pennsylvania State University
Rosalyn Metz Emory University
Glen Horton May Chang University of Cincinatti
Holly Jeffcoat Greg Colati University of Connecticut
Kate Dohe Josh Westgard University of Maryland
Paul Clough University of Miami
Bryan Skib John Weise University of Michigan
Tracy Bergstrom Zheng Wang University of Notre Dame
Kara McClurken Stan Gunn University of Virginia
Alex Kinnaman Nathan Hall Virginia Tech

Work Groups

APTrust includes a range of possibilities for volunteers to contribute in pursuit of its mission. One of those means of contribution is to sign up for a Work Group. Work Groups are usually considered for establishment by the APTrust Advisory Committee upon recommendation of one of its members or the APTrust staff, or upon assignment by the APTrust Governing Board. Structure varies according to the specific nature of the work involved, but commonly includes a leader responsible for overseeing the activities of the group and a reporter responsible for ensuring regular communication about those activities. Results of Work Groups are reported to the APTrust Advisory Committee and are further communicated by that committee to the Board as appropriate. Work Groups may be established for long-term projects, such as consideration of and preparation for trusted digital repository certification, or for short-term projects. Work Groups are decommissioned when no longer needed by the APTrust Advisory Committee.

Fall 2017 Review of APTrust

At the APTrust Fall 2017 meeting, work began on a high-level review of APTrust to be concluded in December 2017. The purpose of the review is to examine a set of fundamental questions, and in doing so develop recommendations from the membership to the governing board about future directions APTrust should pursue. Unlike other APTrust Work Groups, the Review work group comprises the entire membership of the consortium. More info here: Fall 2017 Review

Communications and Policy Group

At the APTrust Fall 2015 meeting, two planned work groups (on Communications and on Operating Documents) were combined into a single group called the Communications and Policy Work Group. Flipcharts reflecting the discussion at the first meeting of that group appear on this page. Notes and other operating records of this working group are found in the meeting notes link, below.

More info here: Communications and Policy Group

Certification Working Group

The Trusted Digital Repository working group manages TDR requirements and assures that all documentation, policies and practices are in accordance to ISO 16363.

More info here: Trusted Digital Repository Working Group

Interest Groups

Bagging Best Practices

This groupspace is a communication mechanism for the Bagging Interest Group and also serves to aggregate documentation on institutional bagging best practices. We hope tha this will help new members develop their own bagging workflows. To join the group, please add yourself to the Bagging Mailing List .

More info here: Bagging Best Practices

Partner-Facing Service Management Reports

Partner-Facing Service Management Reports is a description of a scheduled report, prepared for each separate partner institution, that shows their use of the service while demonstrating reliability and value to contacts at the partner institution.

More info here: Partner-Facing Service Management Reports

APTrust Community

A self-subscription e-mail list/Google group open to all and designed to promote communication about the Academic Preservation Trust, active preservation of digital scholarly/cultural content and related topics. 

Mailing list:


A collection of presentations given during the bi-annual APTrust meetings and other conferences.

Member Meetings

2019 Spring Meeting

2018 Fall Meeting

2018 Spring Meeting

2017 Fall Meeting

2017 Spring Meeting

2016 Fall Meeting

2016 Spring Meeting

2015 Fall Meeting

2014 Fall Meeting

Technical Update Calls

December 15, 2017


Links to old wikis/WARCs. All relevant content has been copied into this wiki.

Name Description Access Copy Preservation Copy
Member-Wiki (APTrust Wiki 1.5) Member-Wiki (APtrust Wiki 1.5) was the interim replacement to APTrust Wiki 1.0 but ultimately got transferred into

Preservation copy includes a Google sites file export of the wiki and a webcrawl as warc file.
APTrust Operations Wiki This is an internal documentation wiki intended for non-public implementation details like server configuration and so forth.
APTrust Wiki 1.0 APTrust Documentation Wiki

Old wiki with mostly content pertaining information about APTrust System (Fedora) 1.0. and here TODO
APTrust Groupspace Groupspace. Space for working and interest groups.

Has been moved and incorporated into
APTrust Org Documents All pages reference to Google Drive DELETED WIKI on 08/07/2016

Documents have been migrated to

Duraspace wiki (APTrust Wiki 0.1) Original APTrust wiki anno 2014

Preservation Copy: Warc archive of May 15th 2018 as well as PDF export of website Access Copy: Webrecorder crawl 2017. Archival crawl of the Duraspace wiki as the website functioned in 2017. Some pages may be restricted or no longer work.

Duraspace wiki crawl

APTrust Archive Documents


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