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In 2016, the APTrust Communication and Policies Group began working on a policy template, workflow, and list of unwritten policies. This space documents our progress in getting policies established.

The draft Policy on Policies states that the principles behind our policy-making program include:

  • The APTrust will develop the policies they need to systematically, reliably and strategically administer digital preservation services to its members.
  • The APTrust is committed to a transparent policy-making process.
  • While policy development will be responsive to the evolving needs and interests of the APTrust membership, it will also be thoughtful and deliberate.
  • The APTrust is committed to timely enactment and enforcement of policies after they have been approved
Approved Academic Preservation Trust Policies
Title Date of Approval
Succession Policy, Version 1.0 4/2018 
Collection Development Policy 1.0 4/2018
Financial and Sustainability Procedures 1.0 4/2018
Core Preservation Services Policy 4/2018
Policy and Procedures Status
Title Status Date of Status Change
Policy on Policies Draft n/a
Policy Development Procedure Draft n/a
Potential Policies List Draft n/a

Preservation Policy

This is listed as the Core Preservation Services above. First version completed April 2018.

Access Policy

To be determined.

Collection Development

Version 1.0 completed April 2018.