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This groupspace is a communication mechanism for the Bagging Interest Group and also serves to aggregate documentation on institutional bagging best practices. We hope tha this will help new members develop their own bagging workflows. To join the group, please add yourself to the Bagging Mailing List .


This group has met twice, once each at the 2016 spring and fall membership meetings. Starting in October 2016, the group will meet bi-weekly. Meeting details will be added when they are set.

Meeting Notes


  • General updates of interest to the wider APTrust community will be sent to the aptrust-community emailing list.
  • Internal interest group conversations will mainly take place on the bagging emailing list, Bagging Mailing List To be added to this mailing list, complete the form here. Don't forget to add yourself to the Members list below.
  • There is a bagging channel on the APTrust Slack instance. The slack channel may be used for quick, informal conversations and questions.


Member Member Institution
Terry  Brady  Georgetown University 
Joe  Carrano  Georgetown 
Christian  Dahlhausen  APTrust 
Andrew  Diamond  APTrust 
Jamie  Little  University of Miami 
Mike  Marttila  Georgetown University 
Nathan  Tallman  University of Cincinnati 
Lauren  Work  University of Virginia