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At the APTrust Fall 2015 meeting, two planned work groups (on Communications and on Operating Documents) were combined into a single group called the Communications and Policy Work Group. Flipcharts reflecting the discussion at the first meeting of that group appear on this page. Notes and other operating records of this working group are found in the meeting notes link, below.

Member List

Name Institution
Bradley Daigle AP Trust Staff
Chip German (ex officio) AP Trust Staff
Liz Mengel (chair) Johns Hopkins University
Alex Papson Notre Dame
Jamie Bradway North Carolina State University
David Reynolds Johns Hopkins University
Lauren Work University of Virginia

Communication Channel

Mailing list:

Meeting Minutes

Ongoing Meeting and Strategy Notes

Older meeting minutes


Communications and Policy Shared Folder

Policies Shared Folder

Documentation Review

APTrust Information Architecture

Communication Group Update from September 2016 meeting

Communication Plan To-Do List

Draft Communication Plan, September 2016