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APTrust governing board chair Winston Tabb (Johns Hopkins University) suggested in October 2017 that the time was right for a thorough review of the consortium’s current state to serve as background for reviewing, then updating, its plans for the future. His suggestion became a key theme in the discussions that followed at the APTrust Fall 2017 meeting.

Participants at the meeting began the process of the Fall Review with nomination of candidates for the “ten most important questions to ask about APTrust.” That set of questions created the initial draft that was refined and submitted to the governing board for review. Once the survey draft was approved by the governing board, we distributed it for completion to the entire membership, with compiled results going to all member deans in preparation for the recommended-directions step.

Chip German is now coordinating the gathering and consolidating of recommendations about the future direction of APTrust from the APTrust member deans (due by November 29) for consideration by the APTrust governing board. The governing board will set the new directions before December 15.

steps in APTrust review

Click this line to see a PDF version of the survey instrument.

Click this line to see a Google Forms version of the survey results.

Status of Review by Step

1 Meeting draft of questions 10/6/17 10/13/17
2 Community review of questions 10/20/17 10/26/17
3 Gov Bd reviews/authorizes 10/27/17 11/01/17
4 Community surveyed for answers to questions 11/01/17 11/14/17
5 Results reported to deans 11/15/17 11/16/17
6 Deans recommend directions 11/17/17 11/30/17
7 Gov Bd reviews/sets directions 12/1/17