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This is a property of type Text.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Accepted
  • Ready for review
  • In Progress
  • Not Started
  • Accepted
  • Ready for review
  • In Progress
  • Not Started

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4 Identification of information properties +Ready for review  + Record of content information and information properties +Ready for review  +
4.1.2 The repository shall clearly specify the information that needs to be associated with specific Content Information at the time of its deposit. +Ready for review  +
4.1.3 Recognition and parsing of SIPs +Ready for review  +
4.1.4 Verification of Producer +Ready for review  +
4.1.5 Verification of SIP +Ready for review  +
4.1.6 Control over digital objects +Ready for review  +
4.1.7 Communication with producer/depositor +Ready for review  +
4.1.8 Acquisition records +Ready for review  +
4.2.1 Associated definition for each AIP or class of AIPs +Ready for review  + Identify which definition applies to which AIP +Ready for review  + Definition of each AIP +Ready for review  +
4.2.10 Contemporaneous records of actions and administration processes relevant to AIP creation +Ready for review  +
4.2.2 Description of how AIPs are constructed from SIPs +Ready for review  +
4.2.3 Document final disposition of all SIPs +Ready for review  + Procedures if a SIP is not incorporated or discarded +Ready for review  +
4.2.4 Convention that generates persistent, unique identifiers for AIPs +Ready for review  + Uniquely identify each AIP +Ready for review  + Have unique identifiers +Ready for review  + Assign and maintain persistent identifiers of the AIP and its components +Ready for review  + Describe any processes for changes to identifiers +Ready for review  + Provide a list of all identifiers and check for duplications +Ready for review  + System of identifiers is adequate now and in the future +Ready for review  + System of reliable linking/resolution services in order to find identified objects +Ready for review  +
4.2.5 Tool and resources to provide authoritative Representation Information for all objects +Ready for review  +