Trusted Digital Repository Working Group

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The Trusted Digital Repository working group manages TDR requirements and assures that all documentation, policies and practices are in accordance to ISO 16363.

The current work document for this group can be found here. (Formerly in an externally hosted Drupal TDR tool.)

Additional information about the Trusted Digital Repository status can be found here


Name Email
Kara McClurken, co-chair University of Virginia
Bradley Daigle, co-chair APTrust Staff
Linda Newman University of Cincinnati
Christian Dahlhausen APTrust Staff
Lora Davis Johns Hopkins
Alex Kinnaman Virginia Tech
Andy Hart University of North Carolina
Dina Sokolova Columbia University
Salwa Ismail Georgetown University

Meeting Times

Bi-weekly at 1:00 pm

Communication Channel

Google Hangout or email list for general communication.

Meeting Minutes

TDR Minutes and Strategy Document, 2017

Meeting Minutes 2016

Meeting Minutes 2015

Meeting Minutes 2014

2017 Roadmap (draft - Nov 2016-March 2017)

  1. TDR Documentation
    1. finish going through entire document [All]
    2. determine action items for each section [All]
      1. document/s/tation that are extant and those that are missing
      2. document/s/tation that need updating/editing
  2. Documentation component of the wiki [All]
    1. TDR and Comm group collaborate on this
    2. Communication/TDR face to face will address this?
  3. Update signature file on team email to reflect new wiki URL
  4. Decide one whether or not we will use the Drupal tool for formalizing TDR work
    1. If so, Dina needs everyone’s email for access
    2. Check responsibilities for Drupal tool [Dina]
  5. Check on progress in January [Bradley and Kara]
  6. Prepare and give talk at NDSA [Dina, Nathan, Heidi, Bradley]

2016 Roadmap (May-September)

  1. Have a codified document management strategy
    1. Work with Communications Group and provide use cases
    2. One wiki
    3. Single place for documents of record
    4. Protocol established for versioning (with Communications)

Goals/Action Items

  1. Create a canonical datastore for documents by July
  2. ✓All: Have all section owners identified and assigned by 15 May
    1. ✓Heidi and Bradley will set up a time for meeting
    2. Establish standing meeting time.
      1. ✓Bradley will send out email proposal.
      2. ✓Dina, Sean, and Andy respond to proposed time.
  3. ☐All: Complete first pass of notes/documents
  4. ✓Christian will set up a TDR email list